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Week 1

Learning objectives

By the end of this lesson, you will...


  • be able to distinguish a logo from a brand

  • be aware of the basics of identity design

  • have seen an overview of the design process

  • have started learning what distinguishes good from bad logo design

  • have begun building a vocabulary to discuss this semester’s topics

In class today...


  • Introductions, course set-up, schedule, etc.

  • Warm-up: The Logo Quiz

  • Ice breaker activity: The Name Game – in breakout rooms with partners


Logo, branding, identity design...huh?


Analyzing & discussing logo design (What makes a logo good or bad?)

Before next class...


p. 1–13;  
p. 34–41;  
p. 54–69;  
p. 90–91

Other Tasks

Research + Analysis Assignment


  1. Look for information about logos designed from 1950–1980 written by designers, design critics, or educators.

  2. Pick 4 logos, and one at a time, one per page, create a visual layout that breaks each one down and explains it.

  3. Use diagramming methods and short text descriptions (see examples posted in the assignment in Moodle).

>> Your goal is to show what you learned in your research about what makes each of those logos great.

What specific details distinguish it from other logos that are deemed ordinary?


  1. Based on what you learned from doing that exercise—reading expert descriptions and looking closely at details — you'll try it out on contemporary logos.

  2. Of all the logos you interact with regularly, choose 2 you love and 2 you loathe (I removed the "must have been designed within your lifetime" requirement), just pick some that are current.

  3. Create the same type of visual break downs explaining exactly what makes the 2 you love so great, and the 2 you loathe so terrible. (Can you get us to agree with you?)

Wrapping it up & turning it in

  • To reiterate, each logo must be given its own page.

  • So when the assignment is complete, you will have an 8-page document.

  • "Package" the file and start a system for organizing your work from this semester.

  • In the packaged folder, a PDF file should have been created (if not, export from InDesign to create one).

  • In Acrobat, be sure to use File → Save as Other → Reduced Size PDF...  before submitting to Moodle

  • Name your file like this: [YourLastName]-GD2-Wk1-LogoBreakdowns.pdf

>> If the file is not named properly, it will not be graded and you will receive a 0 for the assignment.

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